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Harry Maguire & Nick Cox On Manchester United And Mental Health

Harry Maguire & Nick Cox On Manchester United And Mental Health

By Callum McFadden.

In the month of March, Manchester United’s academy will be running a mental health awareness month to raise awareness and encourage conversation around mental health amongst players and staff.

First-team players and club legends will address various age groups across the month to discuss personal experiences and take questions from the group on how they built resilience throughout their careers.

Head of academy Nick Cox believes that it is of paramount importance to prioritise mental health as part of any player’s progression. He equates positive mental health to being as crucial to a player’s development as their physical and technical ability.

“We are really proud of the extensive work that we do in supporting the mental health of our players and staff.

“Our mental health awareness month enables the academy to build on, and highlight, the key messages of our wider enrichment programme that takes place throughout the season.

“The mental health of our players is just as important as their physical and technical development. We, therefore, continue to play our part in taking active measures to ensure that they are encouraged to talk about mental health to help lift the stigma associated with it.

“The awareness month, which has been carefully designed over the past year, will support our players, staff and academy parents to take a proactive approach in taking care of their own mental health.

“The groups will also directly learn the signs that someone may be struggling and the support mechanisms that are in place that they can then access.

“There are clear performance benefits for the players, and we also hope that fans will engage with the campaign so that the academy can play its part in getting everyone to promote mental health and wellbeing together.”

The words of Nick Cox were further emphasised by club captain Harry Maguire who stated that everyone throughout the club has to feel comfortable to talk about their mental health.

Maguire said: “Manchester United does fantastic work in this area across the first-team, cademy and in the community. I am looking forward to supporting the Academy in my role as mental health awareness month Ambassador. I know first-hand what players experience when they are developing and, as club captain, I am always there to support them as they come through the system.

“It is important that everyone feels comfortable to discuss any problems they may have and that as a society we promote good mental health for all. The awareness month provides the perfect platform to build on the work already being done to promote the mental health and wellbeing of our young players.”