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Are Newcastle United Already An Established Part Of A New EPL Top Seven?

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Rumours had long been circulating about a potential Newcastle takeover, and the excitement reached fever pitch when news broke that the club had been bought by a Saudi Arabian consortium for a cool £300 million in 2021.

After the success Manchester City saw from accepting outside investment, it’s no surprise that Newcastle fans were incredibly excited about this new chapter in their club’s history.

The Premier League is the richest and most powerful in the world. However, it can also be volatile and unpredictable. Titans of the past are quick to be felled by rising stars, nothing can be taken for granted in this hotly contested battleground. How will it be before Newcastle’s new-found riches establish them as part of a new top-seven?

The Big Six

The Premier League has some fantastic teams with some of the most passionate fan bases in world football. However, historically there have been six teams that are a cut above the rest, renowned across the globe for their footballing might and legions of loyal followers.

These teams – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham – have long had a stranglehold on the league, and the title will be claimed by one of them more often than not. These teams jostle for positions, but rarely allow ‘lesser’ teams to make any real headway, apart from anomalous incidents like Leicester City’s incredible 2016 title victory.

How have the top six stayed in control of the league? The answer is relatively simple – money. They are among the richest football clubs in the world, and they use this financial strength to keep themselves at the top of the table most seasons.

Newcastle on the Rise

Many people assumed that Newcastle’s newfound wealth would lead to an immediate spending spree. However, we’ve seen in the past that this can lead to an unbalanced, poorly structured team, and Newcastle were careful not to fall into a similar trap.

Instead, the club has taken a shrewd approach. First, they appointed highly regarded manager Eddie Howe, who joined after a long drawn-out saga that saw him abandon plans to take over Celtic.

When the appointment was made, Newcastle sat 19th in the table. However, after bringing in some fresh blood in the January transfer window, the team went on a winning run and finished the season in 11th place.

After strengthening the squad further in the summer, Newcastle’s 2022/23 season has gone better than anyone could have expected. They currently sit fifth on 41 points, just seven points shy of a top-three position. They have only recorded two losses so far this season, less than any other team in the top flight.

Newcastle the Seventh Superpower?

It’s still very early days, but the signs are looking good for Newcastle United. In less than two years, the club has gone from a mid-table underachiever to a potential title contender.

If nothing else, the club will be giving the long-standing giants a cause for concern, and we could well see Newcastle establish itself at the top within the next couple of seasons. Money talks in football, and Newcastle now has plenty to say. 

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