No matter the success of the Spanish national team, the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid will never diminish as shown by fans in Madrid hurling abuse at Gavi following the celebrations of Spain’s Nations League victory.

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What did fans shout at Gavi?

The teenage midfielder starred in a Spanish side that defeated Croatia on penalties on Saturday evening to lift the Nations League trophy in Rotterdam.

Real Madrid right-back Dani Carvajal scored the winning spot kick, while Gavi did not take on in the shootout in which Spain won 5-4.

The victory meant Spain secured their first trophy since winning Euro 2012 and the side returned to Madrid to celebrate with their adoring fans. The warm reception, however, was not extended to every team member on their arrival back in the Spanish capital.

Barcelona midfielder Gavi was subject to some nasty chants from fans in Madrid, showing the rivalry between Barca and Real will never be forgotten, even in the face of national team success – as seen in the Twitter footage below.

As he took to the stage he was immediately greeted with chants of "P*ta Barca". Gavi handled it well though and signed off on the mic in style by stating: "Viva Espana’".

What has been said about Gavi?

The chants were condemned on Twitter by the well-respected Spanish Football Podcast, who noted: "Anti-Barca chants aimed at Gavi during Spain's Nations League celebration this evening. Depressingly predictable."

It seems particularly silly from the Madrid fans, especially considering Gavi’s importance to the Spain team was emphasised by manager Luis de la Fuente in the lead-up to the Nations League final,

He said: "Gavi is a player with many resources, versatile, useful all over... he feels more comfortable playing interior, but football can take you to other positions. He is a fantastic player at all levels. We haven't seen his best version of what he will be in the future.

"Gavi, in this process of maturity, one of the virtues he has is courage, genius and energy. However, he understands that now he is showing "some behaviours that are not beneficial for him and the team", although he has no doubt that "with maturity, he will understand that."

No matter the abuse for the young Barca midfielder, Gavi’s stock is rising. The youngster will no doubt be an important figure in the midfield for Spain in the years to come.