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Detectives find cause of Tiger Woods crash

Woods was seriously injured on February 23 when his vehicle hit a median in Rolling Hills Estates outside Los Angeles at approximately 7 a.m.

The Genesis sports truck crossed two lanes for oncoming vehicles and uprooted a tree by overturning on a downhill stretch where, according to police, other accidents have occurred.

The golfer is in Florida, where he is recovering after undergoing several surgeries.

Alex Villanueva, the sheriff, has come under fire for his initial comments about the mishap. First, he concluded that it was “merely an accident” and then commented that there was no evidence that Woods had consumed any substance that made him unable to drive when the rollover occurred.

Woods told deputies that he did not know how the accident happened, and that he did not even remember that he was driving.

He was unconscious when a witness approached the semi-destroyed van.

Later, an officer indicated that the athlete appeared to be in shock but was conscious and able to answer basic questions.

Investigators did not seek a court order to collect blood samples from Woods, which would have determined conclusively whether he had used drugs and alcohol. In 2017, Woods voluntarily checked himself into a clinic to get help with his use of prescription drugs.

Shortly before that, the golfer faced a charge for driving under the influence of those drugs in Florida, the state where he resides.

Instead, detectives did obtain a warrant to search the data recorder, known as a “black box,” on the 2021 Genesis GV80. Villanueva did not say Wednesday what data had been found in the black box.

“A cause has been determined and the investigation is over,” Villanueva said Wednesday during a social media conference in response to a question from The Associated Press.

However, Villanueva explained that investigators would need Woods’ permission to release information about the rollover.

“We have reached out to Tiger Woods and his staff,” Villanueva said. “There are some privacy issues to disseminate information about the investigation, so we are going to ask them if they give up their right to privacy, and then we will be able to disseminate all the information about the accident.”

Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent at Excel Sports, did not immediately respond to an email from the AP requesting comment.


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