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YouTube: Athletic de Bilbao 1-1 Real Betis penalties 4-1 complete summary best played quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey VIDEO


Athletic Club Bilbao got used to being a warrior team, which usually fights matches until the last breath and once again won a prize. For the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey they had to visit Real Betis, in a very fought match that only opened after 84 minutes for the local team.

Juanmi surprised everyone and pointed the way to the Betis classification, but at the last minute Raúl García appeared to equalize the actions. The game had to go until extra time, where there were emotions on both sides, although no more goal celebrations, perhaps due to nervousness.

The penalty shootout was going to decide the qualifier and Athletic Club complied with the statistical rule, whoever kicks first wins. Raúl García, Iñali Williams, Jon Morcillo and Yuri Berchiche did not fail, while in the rival only Aïsa Mandi managed to convert the first shot. Sergio Canales and Juanmi failed to score.

FINAL: Betis 1-4 Athletic Club (penal)


Shot 4: Berchiche anota (Athletic)

Shot 3: Jon Morcillo scores (Athletic) – Juanmi fails (Betis)

Shot 2: Iñaki Williams scores (Athletic) – Sergio Canales misses (Betis)

Shot 1: Raúl García scores (Athletic) – Aïsa Mandi scores (Betis)

FINAL: Betis 1-1 Athletic Club

120′ The clash is about to end. Tension of all players.

119′ Offensive foul by Raúl García (Athletic) out of desperation.

118′ The center runs, but is clear.

117′ Joaquín takes a center, but a defender clears the corner.

116′ Tension over a Betis claim for a possible penalty foul.

114′ Sidnei (Betis) takes center stage, although he fails in the final meters.

113′ Raúl García (Athletic) was emerging to receive the ball, but he was ahead.

112′ The game continues with its development.

111′ Oscar de Marcos (Athletic) makes sense. The game pauses for an instant.

110′ Sidnei (Betis) sends a cross, but it is cleared.

109′ Juanmi (Betis) takes a cross, but nobody manages to finish.

107′ Study time for both teams.

106′ The second part of the overtime starts.

CHANGES IN BETIS: Tello and Juan Miranda enter for Emerson and Carvalho.


105′ Joaquín (Betis) shoots on goal, but is blocked by a defender.

104′ Raúl García (Athletic) tries a long-distance shot, but the ball goes very high.

103′ Berchiche (Athletic) arrives in a good position to attack, but misses the pass.

102′ Real Betis need a little patience.

101′ Offensive foul by Morcillo (Athletic).

99′ Athletic Club has greater clarity when attacking.

97′ Assist for Iñaki (Athletic), but touched the ball with his hand.

96′ Real Betis tries to be patient with the ball in their possession.

95′ Juan Miranda seeks to generate danger with an aerial ball, but is again controlled.

94′ Sidnei (Betis) takes a cross, but it is cleared.

93′ The match is made back and forth.

92′ Morcillo (Athletic) shoots on goal, but the goalkeeper contains it.

91′ Overtime is on.

CHANGE IN BETIS: Joaquín enters for Guido Rodríguez.

REST: Betis 1-1 Athletic Club

93 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Athletic Club. Raúl García equalized on the last play. There will be lengthening

83 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Betis! Notable shot by Juanmi Jiménez for the 1-0

74 ‘Change in Betis. Juamni enters the field and Ruibal leaves

72 & # 39; Yellow for Lekue! Card for the Athletic Club Alternate Right

66 ‘Change in Athletic Club. Villalibre leaves, Iñaki Williams enters

61 & # 39; The goals do not arrive. If they finish even in the 90s, they will have to define in supplementary and if they continue like this, there will be penalties

59 & # 39; Betis arriving more at the rival field, looking for a shot option although they cannot see the goal defended by Unai Simón.

55 & # 39; Yellow for Ruibal! Admonished after an air dispute.

50 & # 39; Yeray is saved from the red. The Athletic Club player committed a hard foul against Fekir

48 & # 39; Yellow card for Dani García for a hard foul against the Betis Fekir player

45 & # 39; The two teams are already on the playing field to play the last 45 minutes


45 ‘End of the game. Betis and Athletic go to halftime equaling 0-0

44 & # 39; Yeray’s header that goes towards the goal but the Betis goalkeeper blocks it well.

41 ‘Final straight of the first half. Betis equal 0-0 with Athletic Club

39 ‘Yellow card for Yuri. Grabbing the side by which he is cautioned.

33 & # 39; Betis loses the first goal. Miranda could not define before the mark of a rival

28 ‘Canales could not hit it well. It was the first for Betis after a bad rejection from Yeray

24 & # 39; Athletic Club tries to take greater prominence in the match and thereby take control of the ball3

22 & # 39; The referee charges Aitor foul. It will be a free kick at the start for Athletic Club

19 & # 39; Good arrival of De Marcos on the right wing where he tries to get a center, but without success

15 & # 39; William Carvalho pass to the right, where Ruibal entered the far post, but did not arrive to contact the ball

11 & # 39; Some precision is lacking on the part of both teams at this start. I play with rhythm, very frantic but little control in the movement.

9 ‘Dangerous foul in favor of Athletic Club. Heeling to the left wing. Berenguer is placed to hang the center.

4 & # 39; Center from the right of De Marcos that Villalibre cannot finish at the near post and Berenguer does not arrive before a rival to finish off.

The match between Betis vs Athletic Club for the Copa del Rey is already being played. Yesterday Barcelona beat Granada in 120 ‘

– The match between Betis and Athletic begins in a few minutes for the Copa del Rey.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Athletic de Bilbao: Unai Simón; Lekue, Yeray, Martínez, Yuri; De Marcos, Dani García, Vesga, Berenguer; Raúl García and Villalibre.

– Substitutes: Ezkieta, Morcillo, Nuñez, Ibai, Unai López, Williams, Sancet, Capa and Vencedor.

– Attention! Confirmed Betis formation: Joel Robles, Montoya, Mandi, Víctor Ruiz, Miranda, Guido, William, Aitor Ruibal, Canales, Nabil Fekir and Borja Iglesias.

– Substitutes: Dani Rebollo, Emerson, Sidnei, Paul, Guardado, Rodri, Tello, Joaquín and Juanmi.

– Welcome to the coverage of the match between Betis and Athletic!

Betis vs. Athletic Club: confirmed lineups

Betis: Joel Robles, Montoya, Mandi, Víctor Ruiz, Miranda, Guido, William, Aitor Ruibal, Canales, Nabil Fekir and Borja Iglesias.

Athletic: Unai Simón; Lekue, Yeray, Martínez, Yuri; De Marcos, Dani García, Vesga, Berenguer; Raúl García and Villalibre.

Betis vs. Athletic Club: match history

2020-11-23 – Athletic 4-0 Real Betis (LaLiga 2020/21)

2020-06-20 – Athletic 1-0 Real Betis (LaLiga 2019/20)

2019-12-08 – Real Betis 3-2 Athletic (LaLiga 2019/20)

2019-01-27 – Athletic 1-0 Real Betis (LaLiga 2018/19)

2018-09-23 – Real Betis 2-2 Athletic (LaLiga 2018/19)

2018-05-05 – Athletic 2-0 Real Betis (LaLiga 2017/18)

2017-12-22 – Real Betis 0-2 Athletic (LaLiga 2017/18)

2017-04-27 – Athletic 2-1 Real Betis (Spanish League 16/17)

2016-12-11 – Real Betis 1-0 Athletic (Spanish League 16/17)

2016-03-13 – Athletic 3-1 Real Betis (Liga BBVA 15/16)

Betis against Athletic de Bilbao

Betis vs Athletic Club LIVE, ONLINE and LIVE will be measured this Thursday, February 4, for the pass to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey at the Benito Villamarín stadium. The duel is scheduled for 3:00 pm Peru and Colombia time. The game will be broadcast by the channels DirecTV Sports, Movistar LaLiga, Movistar Copa del Rey and DAZN. Follow the minute by minute on the website of the newspaper Libero.pe.

Betis Y Athletic Club LIVE Both teams will play a reserved forecast match because they will come out with everything to stay with the victory and get among the four best in the Copa del Rey.

Betis He arrives with morale at the top for this game because, in his last presentation for the Santander League, he enforced the home against Osasuna by winning by the minimum thanks to a goal from Borja Iglesias.

In this way the ‘verdiblancos’ accumulate eight games without knowing of defeats. The last time they lost was against Levante last year. Moreover, for the Copa del Rey They beat Real Sociedad by a clear 3-1.

Betis vs Athletic Club Copa del Rey
What time will they play? 15 hours from Peru and Colombia and 21 hours from Spain
In what stadium will they play? Benito Villamarin
What channel will it broadcast? DirecTV Sports

On the side of Athletic Club, Marcelino’s men did not have a bad duel against Barcelona and were close to returning home with a draw, but in the end they fell 2-1 and arrive somewhat beaten to this clash.

“We will make the most competitive team possible, we are three games away from playing for a title and we have to focus on this game. The immediate thing is this and then Valencia, and if we do not think about Valencia, less than that would mean one thing or another, “said the coach of the Athletic.

Where to see Betis vs Athletic Club match for Copa del Rey?

On the internet the duel between Betis vs Athletic Club, Libero.pe will broadcast minute by minute with all the incidents of the match and the goals instantly. In addition, you can see the summary of goals at the end of the match.

Betis vs Athletic Club LIVE: schedules in the world

  • Peru – 3:00 pm Lima time
  • Mexico – 2:00 pm Mexico City time
  • Ecuador – 3:00 pm Quito time
  • United States – 3:00 pm Washington DC time
  • Colombia – 3:00 pm Bogotá time
  • Argentina – 5:00 pm Buenos Aires time
  • Spain – 9:00 pm Madrid time

Betis vs Athletic Club LIVE: channels in the world

Countries Channels
Argentina DirecTV Sports
Chile DirecTV Sports
Colombia DirecTV Sports
Ecuador DirecTV Sports
Peru DirecTV Sports
Spain DAZN
Uruguay DirecTV Sports
Venezuela DirecTV Sports

For more information, check the Libero website.



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