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Real Madrid: Asensio, 27 golden minutes

El MadridUsed to living on the edge of short wins this season, he has found relief in the last two games, winning by a reassuring margin of two goals. In those two games he scored Marco Asensio, despite starting both from the bench in the final stretch of both duels. In total, 27 minutes of play and two goals from the Balearic Islands. That is, as many as in the 1,889 he had played before this season.

Goal by Asensio (3-1) at Real Madrid 3-1 Atalanta

The two annotations of Asensio They are water in the desert for a team that lives almost exclusively on the goals of Karim Benzema. In fact, the team’s second-best scorer is still Casemiro, a defensive half, with six goals. Asensio’s two goals allow him to enter a chasing group in which they are also Ramos, Vini Jr and Luka Modric (four targets).

Marco’s two targets also have some vindication for the Madrid attacker, who was in the spotlight due to the lack of edge shown throughout a season in which, despite his notable role, had only scored two goals and distributed two assists in 32 games. In fact, he is the sixth player in the squad in games played (34), although ninth in minutes (1.928). The criticisms focused on the last stretch of Asensio’s season, in which he chained six games without goal value actions before Zidane sat him on the bench before him Elche.

It was the first of his three substitutions for Asensio, penalized by the system changes introduced by Zidane, the three centrals in the duel against the people of Elche and the Champions League return against Atalanta and the 4-4-2 with the inclusion of Valverde against Celta. But against the Italians and the Vigo players, he did have minutes, well used by a footballer in whom a good part of Real Madrid has great hopes. His two targets in 27 minutes feed that faith in a player who has a goal, a virtue that is not abundant in the Real Madrid 20-21 squad.


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