K. Benzema Karier

K. Benzema
K. Benzema
    • Tingginya 185
    • Bobot81
    • Tahun35
    • Kakiboth
  • Nama lengkap :
    Karim Mostafa Benzema
  • Negara tempat lahir:
    France / France
  • Posisi :
  • Birstday :
Real Madrid
  • La Liga - 2022/2023Pertandingan: 4goals3minutes played360yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2021/2022Pertandingan: 32goals27minutes played2603yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2020/2021Pertandingan: 34goals23minutes played2902yellow cards2red cards0
  • La Liga - 2019/2020Pertandingan: 37goals21minutes played3155yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2018/2019Pertandingan: 36goals21minutes played2963yellow cards1red cards0
  • La Liga - 2017/2018Pertandingan: 32goals5minutes played2156yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2016/2017Pertandingan: 29goals11minutes played1914yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2015/2016Pertandingan: 27goals24minutes played1994yellow cards1red cards0
  • La Liga - 2014/2015Pertandingan: 29goals15minutes played2312yellow cards1red cards0
  • La Liga - 2013/2014Pertandingan: 35goals17minutes played2771yellow cards2red cards0
  • La Liga - 2012/2013Pertandingan: 30goals11minutes played1780yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2011/2012Pertandingan: 34goals21minutes played2252yellow cards0red cards0
  • La Liga - 2010/2011Pertandingan: 33goals15minutes played1884yellow cards1red cards0
  • La Liga - 2009/2010Pertandingan: 27goals8minutes played1305yellow cards0red cards0
On the personnel career page, You will find K. Benzema contribution to the team on the basis of the season, details of the country and cup matches, age, country, position and general information are all included. K. Benzema currently continues his career in Real Madrid and this season he has performed 3 goals and 1 assists in total.