1. 1Bahia overall standingsBahia00000
  2. 2Brusque overall standingsBrusque00000
  3. 3CRB overall standingsCRB00000
  4. 4CSA overall standingsCSA00000
  5. 5Chapecoense overall standingsChapecoense00000
  6. 6Criciúma overall standingsCriciúma00000
  7. 7Cruzeiro overall standingsCruzeiro00000
  8. 8Grêmio overall standingsGrêmio00000
  9. 9Guarani overall standingsGuarani00000
  10. 10Ituano overall standingsItuano00000
  11. 11Londrina overall standingsLondrina00000
  12. 12Novorizontino overall standingsNovorizontino00000
  13. 13Náutico overall standingsNáutico00000
  14. 14Operário PR overall standingsOperário PR00000
  15. 15Ponte Preta overall standingsPonte Preta00000
  16. 16Sampaio Corrêa overall standingsSampaio Corrêa00000
  17. 17Sport Recife overall standingsSport Recife00000
  18. 18Tombense overall standingsTombense00000
  19. 19Vasco da Gama overall standingsVasco da Gama00000
  20. 20Vila Nova overall standingsVila Nova00000
In this section, you can see past matches and statistics,Serie B, the number of matches played by the teams, the number of wins, losses, the number of goals scored, You can see the number of goals conceded and the average and review the fixture details.