1. 1Moghayer Al Sarhan overall standingsMoghayer Al Sarhan1292129
  2. 2Al Sareeh overall standingsAl Sareeh1282226
  3. 3Sama Al Sarhan overall standingsSama Al Sarhan1274125
  4. 4Ittihad Al Ramtha overall standingsIttihad Al Ramtha1271422
  5. 5Al Ahli overall standingsAl Ahli1263321
  6. 6Al Arabi overall standingsAl Arabi1253418
  7. 7Blama overall standingsBlama1243515
  8. 8Amman overall standingsAmman1242614
  9. 9Kfarsoum overall standingsKfarsoum1242614
  10. 10Al Yarmouk overall standingsAl Yarmouk1241713
  11. 11Al Tora overall standingsAl Tora1241713
  12. 12Al Karmal overall standingsAl Karmal1224610
  13. 13Mansheyat overall standingsMansheyat1200120
  14. 14That Ras overall standingsThat Ras00000
In this section, you can see past matches and statistics,1st Division, the number of matches played by the teams, the number of wins, losses, the number of goals scored, You can see the number of goals conceded and the average and review the fixture details.