2 October 2021 - PEC Zwolle vs Heerenveen match details

PEC Zwolle
PEC Zwolle
0 - 1Ended

Stadium: MAC³PARK Stadion

Referee: D. Higler

  • R. Koolwijk(M. Pabai)87'
  • L. Adžić(G. Kastaneer)76'
  • L. Fernandes(M. Saymak)71'
  • C. Landu(D. Redan)71'
  • 63'B. van Polen
  • 61' R. Al Hajj(A. van der Heide)
  • 61' A. Musaba(B. Nygren)
  • 53'A. van der Heide
  • Y. Nakayama 45'
  • S. Tedić 42'
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