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League 1: Cienciano will be the first Peruvian soccer team to enter the world of online investments | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Scienceno, the only Peruvian team to reach an international championship in the 2003 South American Cup and the 2004 Recopa, has joined the online investment platform SeSocio to make a call to all its fans and supporters: each of them can invest in the club and help him regain glory.

It is a novel crowdfunding campaign, which has never been carried out at this level in the entire history of Peruvian football. For this new proposal in the future, the club seeks an investment of $ 833,350. The funds raised will be used for the construction of a new Sports Village in Oropesa, Cusco, and for future purchases of players.

The strategy is backed by SeSocio, the first Latin American investment platform that allows anyone to invest without a minimum amount in more than 300 projects in 13 countries in the region. SeSocio already has more than 200 thousand active accounts today and has facilitated more than 4.6 million transactions for a total of 675 million soles operated.

“We offer a fixed rate of 8% per year in dollars with monthly payments. In addition, we offer an additional 10% variable, which will arise from the net income received by the club -after all the expenses involved in the transfer- for the sale of players with a value greater than USD $ 751,000. In other words, they will receive 10% of the profits from the sale of our soccer players ”, explained Sergio Ludueña Visalot, President of the club’s board of directors.

The investment will be made within a total period of 9 years (108 months). The club agrees to pay monthly interest from the first month and begin to pay the capital in monthly installments from the 13th month. In other words, within 96 months the capital and interest will be fully amortized.

Depending on the amount, investors will receive a number of additional benefits:

More than USD 5,000. A video of the players greeting you for your birthday.

More than USD 10,000. An entry to the West to the international matches played by the local club.

More than USD 15,000. They will be able to add their photo to the collage with which the numbers of the special shirts for the 120 years of the Cienciano club and a shirt signed by the players will be made.

More than USD 50,000. They will be able to purchase travel packages at the club’s cost (includes ticket and ticket) to travel with the team to Matches outside of Cusco (National and International. In both cases, the possibility of staying at the same team hotel. The cost will be included in the travel package).

More than USD 100,000. Entrance to 2 games in the club’s box.

“As a commitment and for the reassurance of all those who decide to invest in the club, Cienciano has the transfer of television rights in its favor and with a sufficient flow of funds, which it will use -in case of any unforeseen- to fulfill its commitments towards the people who participate in this campaign ”, assured Guido Quaranta, CEO and founder of SeSocio.

Cienciano and SeSocio invite all fans, supporters and anyone looking for a smart investment to join this new crowdfunding campaign, not only thinking about the economic return they will get, but also to see Peruvian football again at the top.

For more information, interested persons can enter this link.



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