With the death of Santiago el ‘Morro’ García, football in general received a hard slap on an issue that is rarely talked about: the mental health of professionals who are protagonists of football.

For the above, Uruguayan players from all the first division clubs joined together to make a video about the death of the Godoy Cruz striker, who committed suicide.

Under the motto “Let’s put the ball down”, footballers make a call to be responsible with the outlets of the fans on social networks.

The exColo Colo Mathías Cardacio It begins by saying, “Before you start watching this video, I want you to answer these questions.” Later, several players begin to ask: “Do you do everything right? Do you always have the results you want? Do you always win? Are all your days good?”

The former University of Chile continues Guzman Pereira: “We are soccer players, but first we are people.”

“Like you, like your brothers like your mother or father,” continue the footballers, who seek to raise awareness among fans.